Our Coating division is approved by all major international paint manufacturers and has all the necessary qualifications and equipment to carry out projects as per international standards. We have highly skilled staff for surface preparation, coating application, inspection and HSE with more than 25 years of experience in the coating field and inspectors qualified with NACE & British Gas certifications.

Fabtech provides all kinds of blasting and painting services across various industries such as oil and gas facilities, marine coatings for civil contractors, onshore/offshore facilities, power and desalination plants, portable water and fuel storage tanks, pipes and spools, sheet and tubular piles and fire proofing of structures onsite as well as in-house. Our facilities include dedicated closed shed shops for blasting & painting.

Apart from our Jebel Ali factory, we also perform coating operations and coating management from our DIC, Mussaffa and Abu Dhabi factories.

All surface preparation work is completed as per National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Swedish Standards (Sa, St), Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and British Standards.

Fabtech provides conventional tank lining using Epoxy Vinyl Ester and Fiberglass that serves several types of tank linings such as oil products, food grade linings or portable water tanks. We also provide Internal and external coating of cross country pipes, buried pipe lines, and field joint coating including shrink sleeves. Apart from that we carryout Anti-Carbonation coating on Bridges and Buildings , Floor Coating , Dock painting, ship repair painting, off shore conveyors, piers, Ballast Tanks and pipes, hulls/cargo holds and more. We also undertake site work for industrial painting works, water tanks, elevated portable water tanks, water dams, irrigation dams, water reservoirs, fire-proofing, thermal spray and Insulation, special purpose coatings, water proofing and more.