Rolling & Dished Ends

The Group’s dishing facility, well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and manned by qualified technicians, is where dishes are made by pressing followed by a spinning operation. We are currently adopting cold forming with a provision for hot forming. Dishes manufactured include crown and petal construction for larger sizes, Ellipsoidal Dished Heads and Spheres. The machinery is fully automated to achieve best quality and tolerance limits. We are also equipped with normalizing/stress relieving, NDE techniques and automated edge preparation to suit client requirements. The jetty facility is an added advantage for large scale export requirements. Our capabilities include: Dished heads up to 8 meter x 120mm thick with Point Press Method, Bending of Pipe up to 8” Size by Cold Bending Method, Plate rolling up to 200mm thickness, Supply of pre-fabricated Rolled / Pressed plates for site erected Spheres & Storage tanks.


Our welding operations are automated in line with the latest technology advancements comprising experienced coded welders of SMAW, GTAW, and GMAW & SMAW with different grades of materials including ferrous & non-ferrous, stainless steels and clad steels. The quality of electrodes is controlled at every stage such as selection, holding, baking and issue.

Fabtech is arguably the only dished heads manufacturer that can supply quality dishes around the globe.

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