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Oil Rigs

Fabtech has built and / or refurbished more than 100 Land Rigs ranging from 1000 HP to 3000 HP and has been involved in many major off-shore Jack-Up refurbishments. To date, we have successfully built numerous Derricks for Jack-Ups and Semi-Submersible Rigs.

The largest unit built was a 3,000 HP Rig, completed in only 4 months from drawing board to load-out for Kuwait Drilling Company. It included 8 Tank Mud Systems, 49 Type Box Base sub-structures and a complete generator system, all with API 4F certification.

Land Rigs
With more than a decade of experience in fabricating land rigs which are successfully running across the globe, our team has manufactured land rigs up to 3000HP capacity. We carry out land rig equipment, refurbishment, upgrade servicing and rig up / rig down operations. A variety of equipment and structures can be manufactured including Mast, Substructure, Generator Houses, Drill Floors, Power Trailers, Rig Moving Systems, Movable Work Shops and Rig Mats.

Offshore Derricks
To date, we have built a large number of “Bolted Single Static Bottle Neck type derrick structure” units with maximum static hook load of 970MT. These are built with special material to meet harsh environmental conditions worldwide and finished with surface coated hot dip galvanizing. Units are built with trial assemblies to the full satisfaction of client. We have also carried out manufacturing and testing of high pressure piping used in derrick, mud, and cement lines with working pressure ranging between 7500psi to 15000psi. In one year alone, we have successfully delivered on supply and fabrication of high pressure piping for over 25 offshore derricks. A variety of structures can be manufactured including; Derrick Structures with Guide Rails, Water Tables, Crown Blocks and Sheaves, Wind Walls, Mud , Cement & Vent Lines, Racking Board and Gin Poles.

Jack Up Legs
Our excellent reputations gives us an edge in competing for specialized offshore Jack Up Leg fabrication. Fabtech has successfully fabricated high quality Jack Up Legs (circular and triangular) including supply and fabrication of Jacking Frame structure and Spud cans on schedule. Our skill levels in Jack Up Legs has transformed these projects into major milestones and earned us further market reputation in the oil and gas rig sector.

  • Rigs
    Description: Rigs with Different CapacitiesRigsRigs
  • Triangular Legs
    Description: Triangular Legs While Manufacturing & After ErectionTriangular LegsTriangular Legs
  • Dispatching of Flue Gas
    Description: OLEFIN Plant Dispatching of Flue GasDispatching of Flue Gas
  • Substructure of Land Rig
    Description: Substructure of Land RigSubstructure of Land RigSubstructure of Land Rig
  • Mast Structure of Land Rig
    Description: Mast Structure of Land RigMast Structure of Land RigMast Structure of Land Rig