Located in Dubai Industrial City, our state-of-the-art facility can fabricate steel gratings according to client requirements in a variety of sizes including the production of hot-rolled steel bars in flat or I-shape forms as well as serrated platforms. Gratings are produced from steel offering the best flooring solution for all conditions and provide a high strength to weight ratio. From oil refineries and process plants to the smallest access walkway, there is a requirement for different types of industrial flooring and hand railing.

General specifications confirming to ANSI / NAAMM
  • Max. electrode pressure : 180ton
  • Welding width : 545mm-995mm
  • Bearing Bar Size: From FB19mmx3t to FB65mmx6t, From Ib25mmx5x3t to IB55mmx7x4t.
  • Max. Welding capacity: 34 bars at 30mm pitch/ 29 bars at 35.3 pitch, etc…
Standard Gratings:-
  • I-Bar Grating.
  • Flat Bar Grating.
  • Serrated I- Bar Grating.
  • Serrated Flat Bar Grating.
Fabricated Gratings:-
  • Rectangular / Circular Gratings.
  • Stair treads Clips Ladders
  • Handrails & platform system.
  • Power & Desalination plants
  • Majority of process industries
  • Sewage & Water treatment plants
  • Escape walkways
  • Food processing
  • Fountains
  • Sidewalk gratings
  • Stair treads and more.
  • Fabricated Grating
    Description: Supply of Galvanized Fabricated GratingFabricated GratingFabricated Grating
  • Circular Gratings and Clips
    Description: Supply of Fabricated Circular Gratings and ClipsCircular Gratings and ClipsCircular Gratings and Clips
  • Grating with Circular Opening
    Description: Supply of Fabricated Grating with Circular OpeningGrating with Circular OpeningGrating with Circular Opening
  • Different Gratings
    Description: Supply of Hand Rails, Ladders, Platforms, Fabricated Gratings (Galvanized and Painted), Stair Thread (HDG), Grating Clamps (HDG)Different GratingsDifferent Gratings